Joe Brichetto

An avid gamer from Bangor, Maine. He still has the GameBoy Advance that sucked him into gaming 15 years ago and maybe someday will complete a Nuzlocke of Pokemon Emerald.

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E3 2018: One Month Later
a year ago
The largest trade show of the year has come and gone and with a month’s time to reflect on the major announcements, it is the perfect opportunity to analyze the impact of E3 2018. Unfortunately, the time and space did very little to elevate the initially damp reactions to the show. Coming off the bombastic year that was 2017, it’s hard not to feel like the games industry is in a holding pattern, waiting for the next huge year of games or the launch of the next generation of consoles, which feels...
Gaming News for the Week of July 12, 2018
a year ago
Everything You Need to Know From the World of Gaming, Courtesy of Memory Card
Gaming News for Week of June 28, 2018
a year ago
Everything You Need From the World of Gaming, Brought to You by Memory Card
'Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons' Review
a year ago
In a 2017 article with Glixel, Rami Ismail wrote about the ‘language of gaming’, which could be described as inherent and ubiquitous knowledge in video games that dictate narrative logic and colloquial control inputs. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons speaks in a dialect all its own on every front. While the story and controls occasionally stumble over their own words, Brothers manages to deliver a beautifully offbeat oration. Brothers opens by setting a grim stage with a young boy reliving the drown...
Gaming News for Week of June 21, 2018
a year ago
Top Story: The World Health Organization Adds ‘Gaming Disorder’ to the International Classification of Diseases 11th Edition. A "gaming disorder," as defined by the WHO, is “characterized by impaired control over gaming, prioritizing gaming over other activities to the point that it overtakes other interests and daily activities, and the continuation and escalation of gaming despite negative consequences.” While this characterization could aptly sum up most gamers, the WHO specifies that the con...
The 5 Things You Need to Know from E3 2018
a year ago
It's the most magical time of year to be a gamer. E3 brings about absurd amounts of consumeristic hype as video game publishers lift back the curtain and reveal how the gaming landscape will be formed...