Jord Tury

Just a regular guy living in the West Midlands, UK. 

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Top 10 Legendary Heroes in Video Games
a month ago
Any John or Jane can put pen to paper and design a video game. Sadly, it's those that pursue the dream of creating the next BIG title, who often stumble at the first hurdle when it comes to prioritisi...
Top 10 Loveable Sidekicks in Video Games
a month ago
Ever since the dawn of time we've had the likes of heroic protagonists and sidekick shadow-dwellers buddying up to take down a greater evil with a combined effort. When it comes to video games, it's a...
Top 8 Sexually Explicit Video Games
a month ago
Have you ever had one of those awkward moments during a film where you kind of just slouch into your seat and cringe as you wish a certain scene would just pass? Because times like that happen every s...
Top 10 Jump Scares in Video Games
a month ago
We, as a species, are pretty strange. We're strange because we like being scared for the sake of being scared when experiencing a thriller flick or survival horror story. Being scared gives us that st...
Top 10 Rage Quit Moments in Video Games
a month ago
We've all had it, haven't we? That clench of the collar and twitch of the neck as we feel the sudden urge to launch a controller against the drywall in resentment? That gruelling desperation to just c...