Jose Gabriel

I'm a storyteller in training from Toronto. I like to write about different things that inspire me. As long as I'm creating something that entertains people I'll always be happy with what I do, be it short stories, serials, scripts etc.

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The Sonic Movie. Could a Toon Design Actually Work in Live-Action?
6 months ago
Oh, boy; here we go. So a couple of weeks ago we got our first glimpse at Sonic’s design for next year's Sonic movie, and well, it’s sure a sight to behold. Those juicy legs look like they could crack...
Have Video Games Reached a Level of Artistic Expression?
2 years ago
Imagine this: You are in a first-person perspective, your virtual office is empty and devoid of any human life, almost as if everyone had vanished into thin air. The narrator tells you that everyone h...