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Escaping 'Tarkov': Raid Tips and Tricks
10 months ago
Alright, let's face it: Escape from Tarkov is a difficult game with a steep learning curve, and early on without any experience, you're going to have the floor wiped with you. Let's change that. I wan...
Escaping 'Tarkov': Trading
10 months ago
Escaping Tarkov: Trading =============================================================== As of last year Escape from Tarkov has become my new video game muse. I absolutely love the modern take on the ...
How to Make 'Fallout 4' a More Deadly and Interesting Experience
10 months ago
Fallout 4 came out three years ago and I for one am still playing. I have loved the franchise since I first laid hands on it with Fallout 2 on my old XP office computer back in 2001. The unique world ...