Kaelyn Dibble

I’m here to discover the secrets of games by finding some of the crazy, dark, sometimes true, and baffling stories behind them.

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The Murkoff Connection Part II
16 days ago
Welcome back everyone. It is time to continue the Murkoff Connection series. In the last article I discussed the basic rundown of Outlast. Now it is time to continue by tying in the events of Whistleb...
The Murkoff Connection Part I
17 days ago
A big question that many of us faced after playing through the entire series of Outlast was “What is the connection between theses games?” In order to answer this question, I’ll have to start at the b...
The Story Behind 'Kholat'
18 days ago
If you are anything like me, you love horror games. I personally think that they are great. The adrenaline rush that you feel, the thrills that you get and the perfectly orchestrated sounds—they are j...