Maggie Mae

I am a dreamer and a fool.

Books are my safe place and writing gives me the voice I never had.

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The Strong Message of '11-11: Memories Retold'
18 days ago
I guess every video game can teach us a valuable lesson, and I strongly believe it is our duty to share the message and help the world being a better place. We are facing tough times, from Trump cagin...
The Dark Story Behind 'Psychonauts'
23 days ago
To every passionate gamer, the name Psychonauts should ring a bell. Everything started back in 1993 when Tim Schafer was developing Full Throttle with the studio LucasArts. Schafer imagined a scene wh...
'The Witcher': From Zero to Success
a month ago
Magic, alchemy, monsters, and a charismatic main character. The Witcher is the most critically acclaimed video game. The series so far counts three main games, a couple of mobile games, and some flash...