Matt Blake

Matt Blake - founder of the Mega Man Fan Realm

'Mega Man 11' Review
a month ago
Not since March 2010, has a new installment in the classic Mega Man series been released. However, in 2014, Mega Man was featured in the massive hit game Super Smash Bros (for Wii U). The trailer that...
Obsessed with 'Mega Man!'
3 months ago
Many people have obsessions, and these are forged out of passion, love, and interest. Some common obsessions seem to include that for a sports team, a movie star, or a famous singer. For me, my passio...
'Mega Man' Fan Realm Project Launched!
3 months ago
When I was a young child and I first played the Mega Man games, I was instantly enthralled! The wonderfully inventive and vivid levels, the barrage of unique and bizarre enemies, and the amazing sound...