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Husband. Father. Gamer. Cinema Lover. Mix it all together, and there I am. I love all things pop-culture and coffee; but coffee is the best.

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Goodbye, 'Bomberman.' Hello, Inexplicably Sexual 'Bombergirl'?
2 days ago
Bomberman has been one of the longest lasting game franchises with millions of fans and players across the world. With more than 70 games in the franchise across nearly every generation of console ove...
Target Leaks Information About The Follow Up To 'Shadow of Mordor'
2 days ago
Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor was without a doubt one of the most incredible additions to the Lord of the Rings legacy when it arrived in 2014. For the last few years fans have been wondering when an...
Could The Next Wave Of Marvel Games Set The Standard For The Superhero Genre?
2 days ago
Marvel Studios has without a doubt been setting the standard in so many aspects of bringing their beloved comic book characters onto the screen through film and television. Between the phenomenal cast...
Codemasters Announces The Revival Of A Legendary Franchise
3 days ago
It was announced that one of the most legendary gaming franchises is returning thanks to Codemasters & Koch Media. After 10 years Micro Machines is set to race onto PCs and consoles. Micro Machines: W...
Ghost Rider May Be Riding With 'Agents of SHIELD' on TV, But He Almost Had A Video Game On The PS1
3 days ago
Ghost Rider may not draw the attention that characters like Batman, Deadpool, or even Squirrel Girl; but that hasn't stopped the demonic bounty hunter from stepping into the light from time to time. C...
What Kind Of Licensed Disney Games Could We See Now That Infinity Is Officially Over?
3 days ago
Even though many developers have moved on to new studios and new projects after Disney Infinity was officially cancelled on May 10th this year, it doesn't negate the fact that Walt Disney has been in ...