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My name's Max, I write about stuff. Sometimes I write about things. Don't expect anything I do to be timely or even relevant.

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"It All Led in the Direction of 'Natural Selection'"
3 months ago
Natural Selection is the differentiation of individuals in a species, leading to those best suited to the environment being able to pass their genes on down the line. It is a key element of evolution,...
All I See Are Hexagons, All I Hear Are Chiptunes
3 months ago
Oh God, this game is so hard. Part of me hates it. But I also can't stop playing it. I've made it my mission to play all the games that I've neglected over the years, and I knew that I owed Terry Cava...
"You Can Go as Far as You Like, but You Can Never Come Back"
3 months ago
The following article contains Spoilers for Little Inferno, and I mean BIG spoilers. I mean spoilers so spoileriffic that I actually feel like I misled people by saying there were major spoilers in my...
"It's Little Inferno Just for Me!"
3 months ago
SPOILERS: This game is gonna have some pretty major spoilers for Little Inferno! Don't read if that's the sort of thing that bothers you!!So, I checked my Humble Bundle library recently. I'm sure like...
Ten Year Lag
3 months ago
You know what I'm playing right now? For the first time ever? Batman: Arkham City. I'll give you a second to check the date this article was uploaded. No you aren't reading an article from 2011. Yes, ...