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What Are Catalyst Zombies In 'Black Ops 4'
6 months ago
Catalyst Zombies are a special type of zombie were they are augmented into becoming a special elemental zombie. Catalyst Zombies hide in regular zombies. When you get too close to a zombie they might shed their skin and reveal their true form. They first spawn on round 8 and start to spawn regularly on any above round 8. As in right now there are only four Catalyst Zombie types and only spawn on the maps XI and Voyage of Despair, they might spawn on more of the upcoming dlc zombie maps (Only in ...
How to Get the Dark Matter Camo in 'Black Ops 4'
6 months ago
The rarest camo in 'Black Ops 4' is Dark Matter. Today we will be discussing how to unlock it, and what steps are necessary in order to unlock this camo.
How to Upgrade the Bowie Knife in Voyage of Despair in 'Black Ops 4'
6 months ago
For a long time, we haven't gotten any upgrades to knives or Bowie Knives... until today. I will teach you how to obtain this weapon in this article.