Michael Reynoso

Michael Reynoso is a passionate anime and game writer. His love for the world of anime began when he was 7 years-old. He writes to bring joy and excitement to all anime and gamers alike as an escape to uplift their spirits.

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'Dragon Ball Fighter Z': Ranking Every Character From Worst to Best
4 days ago
Welcome Dragon Ball Fighter Z fans!! I am yours truly, Michael! Today, we are going to rank every character from worst to best in Dragon Ball Fighter Z. From Saiyans to Androids, and evil villains, Dr...
'Kingdom Hearts 3': New Updates!!
5 days ago
Hey, Kingdom Hearts fans!! I am yours truly, Michael! Welcome to the Kingdom Hearts 3 news and updates! As fans continue to wait on the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, more news and updates have been r...
Game Review: Dragon Ball Fighter Z
2 months ago
Dragon Ball Z fans!!! Prepare for the fight of your life where a new game awaits for you! Enter Dragon Ball Fighter Z! The anticipated game is set to release on January 26th of next year. The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows (PC). The upcoming game is also developed by Arc System Works and published by world renowned Bandai Namco Entertainment, which is based on the Dragon Ball Z series.
Game Review: Marvel's Spiderman
2 months ago
The upcoming game of the century, Marvel's Spiderman, has been confirmed to be released next year in 2018. The developers from Insomniac are currently developing the most new and improved Spiderman ga...