Michael Thielmann

I am a counselor, spiritual mentor, and writer living on Vancouver Island. My passion is to help people get in touch with their own love, creativity, and empower them to live in alignment with their highest wisdom. www.seedsoflove.ca

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'MTG Arena': Izzet Worth It?
4 months ago
The world of Richard Garfield's deliciously addictive trading card game has had me hooked since I begged my Opa to buy me my first back almost 25 years ago. I browsed through my first back of Fifth Edition and was simultaneously stunned and amazed at the beautiful artwork and intricate game mechanics that I couldn't possibly understand at that age. My schoolyard days were filled with friendly competition as aspiring wizards threw cardboard spells at each other during our 15 minute recess breaks....
Gaming Therapy
7 months ago
This is another topic that is near and dear to my heart, as well as my analytical left brain. As a young child, I always enjoyed playing many different board games and video games, as well as allowing my overactive imagination to invent brand new games of my own with my friends. Since I experienced so much anxiety as a child, gaming became a staple in my life, a means of relaxing and coping with my difficult emotions. It was very easy to lose myself in games at that time. I could basically suspe...
In Soviet Russia, Game Plays You!
a year ago
Since the first time I glimpsed the opening level of "Super Mario Bros." when I was 5 years old my life as I knew it was over. I wish I could recreate the level of excitement and passionate stimulatio...
Leaving the League
2 years ago
I am a self-confessed recovering gaming addict. By this I mean that playing various video games has reached what I consider to be unhealthy levels at different points in my life. My most recent nemesi...