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'Katawa Shoujo' [2012]: Visual Novel Review
a day ago
Four Leaf Studios' Katawa Shoujo is the second visual novel I've played; it was recommended to me by a couple of my American friends, who, like me, are avid visual novel readers. I am appalled by the ...
'Seduce Me: The Otome' [2015] Visual Novel Review
3 days ago
Have you ever come across a visual medium that bothers you so much, not just because of how terrible it is, but also because of how good it had the potential to be? That's exactly how I feel about Mic...
Some Thoughts on the 'Metroid' Series
4 days ago
Can the Metroid series be considered part of the Survival Horror genre? In recent years, people have been entertaining the idea that our storied bounty hunter may be getting herself into horrific situ...
'Cupid' [2016]: Visual Novel Review
5 days ago
You know that feeling when you go into a story, expecting it to be another teenager's edgy fantasy, only to have it end up being one of the best things you've ever read? That's how I feel about Ferven...