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I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other spheres. I maintain this portal entirely for fun - Happy Reading!

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Short Game Reviews: 'Be My Princess Party' (2014), 'DLC Quest + Live Freemium' (2011), 'Carpe Diem' (2015) and 'To Kill a Black Swan' (2014)
a year ago
This time around, we've got: one that overstays its welcome, two that are worth checking out, and a dud.
Awesome Character Designs - Volume One
a year ago
A Collection of Some of My Favourite Character Designs in Video Games
My Favourite Game Trailers and Renditions of Video Game Music
a year ago
Sharing Two of Each for Your Viewing and Listening Pleasure
Two Enemies in Video Games That Scare Me
a year ago
I'm one of the few that find horror in non-horrific things.
My Thoughts and Theories on 'Asagao Academy' (2016)
a year ago
WARNING: Will contain spoilers.
Uncanny Resemblances: Fictional Characters
a year ago
In Which I List Sets of Characters That Bear More Than Just a Few Similarities