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I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative! I'll also occasionally dabble in other spheres. I maintain this portal entirely for fun - Happy Reading!

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Sonic-related Topics
a year ago
In Which I Discuss Knuckles' Supposed Hallucinations, Shadow's Relevance, and Why I Love Rouge the Bat
Gaming-Related Topics
a year ago
Several Debates and Thoughts Concerning Consoles, Developers, Ratings, and More
Gender Talk in Video Games
a year ago
In Which I Discuss the Gender Debate Surrounding Link, NiGHTS, and the Toads in Mario Games
More Thoughts About Zelda
a year ago
An era proposal, and whether there could be an M-rated game in this franchise.
Is Amy Rose a Good Character?
a year ago
In my very early gaming days, I'd mostly play as female characters, purely out of relatability on that very basic front. And to be honest, this is pretty much the only reason I'd play as Amy Rose as m...
'Starfox' Discussion - Part One
a year ago
In this installment, we talk Krystal and 'Dinosaur Planet.'