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Have You Heard of 'Cattails'?
5 hours ago
I've discovered a new game and I wanted to share it with others. It's a simple game that I have managed to get a lot of hours of fun out of.
'CatTails:' A Review
11 hours ago
I had almost unlocked every achievement in Stardew Valley when I finally realized I needed a new game... but I was still obsessed with Stardew. That's when I found CatTails! The best way to describe C...
Four Ways to Complete Faerie Quests
2 months ago
Faerie Quests are great, they help you level up at a faster rate and they're also just plain fun. However, they would be so much easier if we could just use the Shop Wizard. Luckily, I have found some...
'Pokemon Red' and 'Blue' Quiz
2 months ago
Are you a pokemon master? Or maybe even a Pokemon Elitest? Take this quiz to find out!
10 Never Forgotten Moments from Old-School Pokemon
2 months ago
As much as I love PokemoGo and Pokemon X/Y ... I really miss the old days of Pokemon. Sometimes I really don't mind all the new generations ... but the truth is that Pokemon Red brings a lot of nostal...
Cheap and Easy Avatars
2 months ago
Collecting avatars can be quite addicting, and some have way too many steps or cost a lot of Neopoints. If you want to collect just a few easy ones, then I've got your back! Just scroll on down and lo...