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'The Silent Spy' Review—'Nancy Drew' Series
5 months ago
When I was in high school a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play 'Nancy Drew'...I pictured a board game and thought that must be the worst thing in the world to do on a Friday night. She assure...
10 Tips to Be the Very Best in 'Pokemon Go'
6 months ago
Pokemon Go doesn't seem to do much in ways of teaching you how the game works, or how a raid works, leaving all the Pokemon trainers in the world either confused or constantly Googling how things work...
10 Reasons You Should Start Playing 'Pokémon Go' Again
6 months ago
I've started playing Pokemon go again for the first time in almost two years, and I have some good news...It is worth playing again!
How to Get the Gnome Achievement
8 months ago
I have to admit, this was by far the most rewarding achievement I have ever gotten... but I think it was also one of the most frustrating?
10 Perfect Gifts for Anyone Who Loves 'Mario Kart'
10 months ago
All of the items on this list are from Etsy and some are even handmade. This website also allows you to get really personalized stuff that can seem just perfect sometimes. I am not sponsored by Etsy. ...
The 10 Best War Video Games
10 months ago
War is a very serious topic. When a war hits a country the overall morale gets reduced, which causes all kinds of things that I would prefer not to think about. War ruins and changes lives forever, th...