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How to Catch the Legendaries
2 months ago
You've been standing around for a while now, catching fish after fish... when finally one of them has a little hat. A Legendary! Your heart starts to beat a little faster... you keep clicking to keep ...
'Donut County' 100% Achievement Guide
2 months ago
Nancy D's 100% Achievement Guide
8 Cheap Achievement Grabber Games on Steam
2 months ago
Want more achievements? Or maybe you are like me and want a better overall achievement percentage. If easy and cheap achievements on Steam is what you want, then this list is perfect for you!!!
GameHag - Legit or a Scam?
2 months ago
I found GameHag as one of the contract deals from Swag Bucks. I fell in love with it almost immediately. The intro was very captivating and the tutorial was not only easy to follow, but even rewarding...
Does Happy Fishing Use False Advertising?
2 months ago
I kept seeing these ads pop up for a game that lets you make money just for playing the game. I use the app Gold Miner, so this concept didn't seem completely obscure to me. I gave it a try and made s...
Cattails 100 Percent Achievement Guide
3 months ago
There are 43 achievements on Cattails on Steam. Here is an organized collection of what those achievments are, and how to get them. The achievements are in order from easiest to hardest, even the ones...