Neal Litherland

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Neal Litherland is an author, freelance blogger, and RPG designer. A regular on the Chicago convention circuit, he works in a variety of genres.

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Five Tips For Playing Better Alchemists
a year ago
Purveyors of dangerous knowledge and unusual experimentation, alchemists are just as prized for their discoveries as they are feared for them. Capable of astonishing feats, and terrifying mutations, t...
5 Tips for Playing Better Wizards
a year ago
There are some whose knowledge of the arcane mysteries of the universe is unsurpassed. Who, with a wave of their hand and the whispering of a mystical phrase, can unmake reality. Masters of the occult...
How to Build Reinhardt in the Pathfinder RPG
a year ago
Reinhardt Wilhelm was one of the most recognizable figures in Overwatch. A massive crusader who distinguished himself in many battles against the omnics, he was both one of the organization's greatest...
5 Tips For Playing Better Sorcerers
a year ago
Magic is a potent force, requiring years of study and dedication to fully master. There are some, though, whose very blood runs with power. The subject of myths and legends, magic is a sorcerer's birt...
How to Build Reaper in the Pathfinder RPG
a year ago
There is a shadow that lurks over the world's battlefields, leaving the dried husks of its victims in its wake. A creature whose face is so terrifying there are those who believe it could never belong...
5 Tips For Playing Better Rangers
2 years ago
The wilds of the world are dangerous places, filled with strange beasts and hungry monsters. Most would never step off the beaten path and risk getting lost in these expanses. There are some, though, ...