Nick Falkner

I like to write about music, video games, and anything else that pops up. Based out of Utah.

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My Arcade Archives Wishlist
5 months ago
Hamster is a wonderful company! They are in the business of bringing games to the Switch, and other systems, games that I not only saw in the arcades, but also in the corner of any gas station or some...
10 Games Worse Than 'E.T.'
6 months ago
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial was a big deal in theaters when it came out in 1982. The story about a boy on earth befriending an alien touched our hearts, so naturally, there had to be a video game. Atar...
Hidden Rants Inside Video Game Code
8 months ago
First off, credit where credit is due. This article could not be possible, or inspired, without the videos of "Guru Larry" Bundy Jr. His "Fact Hunt" series chronicled a lot of things in video games yo...
Video Game Movies
a year ago
When I was growing up, the first movie that used video games as a major plot device was The Wizard. You might remember that movie starring Fred Savage, where a major secret was given away in Super Mar...
NES Memories
a year ago
Atari had it all. Nolan Bushnell's company that put gaming on the map was on top of the world. The Atari VCS, otherwise known as the Atari 2600, was the most popular system for its time. There was not...
'Rampage' Memories
a year ago
I happened upon this crazy game in an arcade during my youth. I studied this game for a bit, and saw that this game was way different than anything else in the arcade, or on any system for that matter...