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Worst Video Game Mascots of All Time
6 months ago
Some of the most classic video game mascots will always have a dear place in our hearts. Silly and cartoonish though they may be, Sonic the Hedgehog, who debuted with the Sega Genesis system, and the ...
Video Games That Are Great for Girls
7 months ago
Though a minority of gamers are female, that minority is a significant one–and growing. There's no denying the facts and statistics. While women make up very little of the user base for sports-based v...
Best Soccer Video Games
7 months ago
From the most basic, low quality graphics, 3-move-option games of the 80s and 90s, to the high-tech, realistic, and deeply complex releases of today, the world of soccer video games has long been a po...
Female Game Developers You Need to Know
8 months ago
It's no secret that gaming, on both the creation and consumption sides, have overwhelmingly been thought of as male spheres. With growing numbers of women pursuing their interests in gaming though, th...
10 Worst Video Game Heroes in History
8 months ago
The development of video games into compelling, virtual-reality narratives highlights the importance of good characters. As these games are increasingly viewed as a form of art, in addition to an enga...
Best Gifts for Retro Gamers
8 months ago
From Legend of Zelda to Pac-Man, the games of our childhood hold up as timeless classics, taking a prominent place in pop culture that we would never have dreamed of as kids playing around at the arca...