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The 10 Worst Video Games Ever Made
3 months ago
Video gamers are notoriously picky about their games—and why wouldn't they be? Gaming is a pricey hobby that tends to create entire communities based on them. If a game becomes a hit, it transcends ga...
The 10 Worst Movies Based on Video Games Ever Made
4 months ago
Movie producers take inspiration from just about every facet of life. They have made movies about serial killers, movies based on comic books, and also movies based on urban legends. With the advent o...
The Hottest Gamer Girls on Instagram Right Now
a year ago
If you ask most guys, they'll tell you that gamer girls are a rare breed that makes them feel weak in the knees. They are sexy, yes, but they also are ladies who have awesome taste in hobbies and a gr...
Best PS4 Racing Games to Play
a year ago
There's something incredible about being able to race your car and hear the roar of the engine as it speeds across a track. However, I'm actually just guessing that's the case; most people cannot affo...
Education Via Gaming: How Gaming Is Making It Possible for Kids to Learn Better at School
2 years ago
Schools using gaming as a way to better education is not a new thing; not by a long shot. If you're like most Millennials, you probably remember the days you spent in the computer lab playing Oregon T...