Patricia Sarkar

Raised on a steady diet of SNES games. Life long gamer ready to devour everything each new generation has to offer and share her experiences with the world.

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Which Game Franchises Are Destined for Mixed Reality?
a month ago
We’ve seen about two years’ worth of virtual reality gaming now, and already a couple months’ worth of augmented reality on mobile devices. Together, VR and AR make up the mixed reality medium — the h...
Best Xbox One Accessories for Gamers
2 months ago
The Xbox One has become one of the most popular game consoles in history — and it's obvious why. Great games, awesome graphics, and the ability to turn into a full entertainment system makes the Xbox ...
Best RPG Games for PS4
3 months ago
RPGs, also known as role playing games, are one of the oldest video game genres in existence. In the past, RPGs were all about reading text, possibly doing some point-and-click goodness, and typically...
Best Survival Horror Games
5 months ago
While there are numerous great games with horror imagery like Bloodborne, Castlevania, and Doom, none of them are scary. None of them make you feel vulnerable. At no point do you feel as though you ca...