Peter Ellis

21, living in England. A keen lover of films, video games and music. Some would argue I'm too sarcastic for my own good. They would be right. 

Twitter: @peter_e96Writer

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Games I Had the Most Fun With in 2017
4 months ago
If you hadn't already guessed by my previous articles, I like video games. They've been a huge part of my life since my father first sat me down in front of a SEGA MegaDrive to play Sonic the Hedgehog...
'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Review
4 months ago
The Uncharted series, deciding to celebrate its ten year anniversary with a new game not featuring its main hero after what seemed like a definitive final chapter in A Thief's End, seemed like an odd ...
'Call Of Duty: WW2' - An Honest Review
6 months ago
Remember when the first few leaks for WW2 first surfaced? The Call of Duty community seemed to collectively roar and cheer as they were finally given what they'd wanted for so many years. At least, th...