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It's Easy to See Why People Continue to Love 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Photo Mode
2 years ago
Reminiscent of an arcade skill test game, these days the chance of receiving a standout AAA title equates to slim pickings. After catching the hype train one too many times, people are unfortunately p...
Not Psyducking Around: Joshua Dunlop Is Back With Even More Hyper-Realistic Pokémon Designs
2 years ago
Joshua Dunlop's notoriety as an exceptional concept artist, creature designer and illustrator of all things Pokémon continues to grow, with his real-life rendering of #Nintendo's much loved creatures ...
How Do You Know When You Have Found Your Gaming Friends Forever?
2 years ago
I am sure you would agree that gaming is fun, exciting, and provides a reliable outlet for escapism. What really makes gaming so successful is the power it has to bring people together and create conn...
'Until Dawn: Rush of Blood' Is the Best Value for Money Game on PlayStation VR
2 years ago
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was not a #VR game I originally considered buying—at all! I am completely hopeless with anything #horror, seriously, watching a horror movie is easily on my top ten list of t...
Explaining the Difference Between PS4 and PS4 Pro With Kevin Bacon's 'Footloose'
2 years ago
There has been much debate recently regarding the relevance of the PlayStation 4 Pro on 1080p televisions. Digital Foundry has answered this question for us by completing a 'stress test' to compare th...
The Real Reason You Loved '90s Arcade Games: No Online Play
2 years ago
Back when I was an early teenager, the best place to play video games was in a video arcade. Now this might sound strange in an era of unprecedented connectivity, but people really did drive to the sh...