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It's Easy to See Why People Continue to Love 'Horizon Zero Dawn' Photo Mode
10 months ago
Reminiscent of an arcade skill test game, these days the chance of receiving a standout AAA title equates to slim pickings. After catching the hype train one too many times, people are unfortunately p...
Not Psyducking Around: Joshua Dunlop Is Back With Even More Hyper-Realistic Pokémon Designs
10 months ago
Joshua Dunlop's notoriety as an exceptional concept artist, creature designer and illustrator of all things Pokémon continues to grow, with his real-life rendering of #Nintendo's much loved creatures ...
How Do You Know When You Have Found Your Gaming Friends Forever?
10 months ago
I am sure you would agree that gaming is fun, exciting, and provides a reliable outlet for escapism. What really makes gaming so successful is the power it has to bring people together and create conn...
'Until Dawn: Rush of Blood' Is the Best Value for Money Game on PlayStation VR
10 months ago
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was not a #VR game I originally considered buying—at all! I am completely hopeless with anything #horror, seriously, watching a horror movie is easily on my top ten list of t...
Explaining the Difference Between PS4 and PS4 Pro With Kevin Bacon's 'Footloose'
10 months ago
There has been much debate recently regarding the relevance of the PlayStation 4 Pro on 1080p televisions. Digital Foundry has answered this question for us by completing a 'stress test' to compare th...
The Real Reason You Loved '90s Arcade Games: No Online Play
10 months ago
Back when I was an early teenager, the best place to play video games was in a video arcade. Now this might sound strange in an era of unprecedented connectivity, but people really did drive to the sh...