Roy Jones

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Metal Gear Match!
2 months ago
The world has plunged into a time where war is routine with the occupation of soldier being the most popular occupation. Think a combination of Metal Gear Solid 4, where the lifestyle has became milit...
Retro Game Review
2 months ago
One of me favourite game consoles of all time has to be the Super Nintendo. I remember many a night wasting hours at a time playing the console affectionately remembered as the SNES. Unfortunately, ba...
Retro Review
3 months ago
I'll be honest when I say that when I picked up Max Payne 3 for X Box 360 for around £12.50, I didn't expect to play it for long. About four years later and I'm actually on to my eighth play through. ...
10 Video Game Characters We'd Sleep With!
6 months ago
As we venture further into the 21st century it seems our digital entertainment is getting better by the second. The latest iPhone may only be the latest for a week as the wheel of progress turns. New ...
Mike Tyson's 'Punch-Out'!
a year ago
Released in 1987 after the success of the arcade game in America and Japan, Punch Out was a very addictive game which was brought to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Mike Tyson's name was brou...
'Super Mario All-Stars'
a year ago
Super Mario is one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, first appearing on the gaming scene in the 1983 arcade hit Mario Bros. The character is still being put to good use today now appearin...