Skylar Abdeljalil

I like a lot of things; gaming, cooking, reading, and podcasts, amongst others. I also like telling people about things that I like.

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'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer: The Beginning of a Beautiful Adventure
5 months ago
Stardew Valley is one of the hottest casual farming games for PC. Welcome to Pelican Town, an idyllic place settled in lush Stardew Valley. You've inherited a farm from your late grandfather, and can ...
'Bendy and the Ink Machine': The Hot Indie Game That Is Scaring Gamers Everywhere
a year ago
Everyone has fond memories of cartoons as children. Whether they were classics — à la Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny — or more modern, cartoons are an integral part of childhood entertainment. However, cartoons can have a scary side. Welcome to Bendy and the Ink Machine, a horror puzzle game that takes the beautiful style of old-school cartoons and makes it into something that will frighten you more than anything ever has. Henry used to work in an animation studio that specialized in a lovable, dev...