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'Resident Evil 2' (2019) Demo Thoughts
4 months ago
If you have ever played a survival horror game growing up in the 90's, you had to come across a series called Resident Evil. In 1996, Capcom released a game in Japan called Biohazard, which eventually made it to the states as Resident Evil. The survival horror genre was born with this original title that was released on the Playstation console. The concept of survival horror is to pit the player against challenges with scarce resources. This game specifically used zombies and other biological we...
'Minecraft' Beta on Xbox - How to Guide
4 months ago
Minecraft offers its Xbox and Windows PC users the ability to join their beta program to test out upcoming versions of the game. This opt-in beta allowed me and my viewers to play the new underwater edition of the game early! It's not terribly difficult to join the beta, but Xbox does not make it very straight forward either. If you are interested in the Minecraft Beta and playing the latest unreleased version early, watch my YouTube video above or follow the directions found below. The first st...