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'Star Fox: Guard' - a New Way to Tower Defense
2 years ago
If you played Nintendo games in the 1990s, you know who Fox McCloud is. He's the ringleader in a pretty well known game called 'Star Fox', a shoot-em-up game where you fly around in a pretty cool spac...
Blizzard Finally Achieves One of Its Longtime Goals in 'World of Warcraft: Legion' - Making You Feel Important
2 years ago
I've had a longtime love/hate relationship with World of Warcraft. One of my friends jumped into Discord last night and asked me, "So, how's the the new WoW expansion? Is it any good?" My response was...
Blizzard's Giant Arthas Statue and 12 Other Huge, Real Life Video Game Statues
2 years ago
Blizzard has erected a massive statue of Arthas in Taichung, Taiwan in honor of the 25th anniversary of their company, and BOY is it definitely amazing. The statue is 14 feet and weighs a whopping 4,0...
Here's How to Catch Pikachus Before They Become Super Rare in 'Pokémon Go'
2 years ago
If you haven't yet caught a Pikachu in Pokémon GO, now is the time to try to find one. With the next update, Pikachu is going to be a rare Pokemon.Update: Pikachu will be a "rare" Pokemon at the new u...
This Pokemon Go Remix Is Perfect, I Won't Hear Otherwise
2 years ago
Pokemon GO is full of great sound clips, and Bombs Away has decided to use them to their fullest by creating a truly amazing remix. Below is the video Bombs Away posted to Facebook, showing off how th...
Why I Contributed to the $3 Million Raised For Charity By People Driving a Virtual Bus
2 years ago
Since 2007, Desert Bus for Hope has raised money for the charity Child's Play by playing one of the worst games ever created: Desert Bus. This unreleased game from 1995 is a real time drive from Tucso...