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Three Adjustments That Could Improve Metal Gear Survive
4 hours ago
It’s clear that Metal Gear Survive isn’t going to go down as the best-selling game sporting the Metal Gear title, but it’s also a far cry from the terrible experience many preemptively claimed it woul...
'Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle' Review
4 days ago
I remember the first time I played through XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It was a solid game, but one that caused my stress level to increase tenfold. There never seemed to be a moment of reprieve, even while ...
The Ghost and the Switch
9 days ago
Accountability. Without it, my credibility as a writer and, dare I say, a journalist, is left with an aura of decay. That festering cloud will continue to rot and grow until I’m little more than a tab...
Indie-Developed RPG 'Bevontule' Hitting Kickstarter on January 29
10 days ago
Welcome to the continent of Onich, a once vibrant land that’s since been touched by decay and riddled with deadly foes. Over the 1,500 years since its discovery by refugees fleeing from a devastated h...
'Metal Gear Survive' and the Developer's Quandary
11 days ago
On September 21st, 2016, I went on a little rant, calling die-hard Metal Gear fans “dramatic,” claiming that they put the series on “such a high pedestal that any deviation from the source material is...
The Plight of the Indie Developed Survival Video Game
13 days ago
More than a decade ago, the concept of an open-world game built around the struggles of survival in a cruel environment was new and fresh. It may have seen its first inception in the early 90s with Un...