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Top Ten Curveball Games
2 days ago
Gambling isn’t something I condone, yet I’d be willing to put a fair amount of cash on the assumption that I wasn’t the only one who reacted with mild confusion when Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battles w...
In Defense of Mario Party 9
6 days ago
Note: Mario Party 10, though I presume it has similar complaints as Mario Party 9, is not included as I haven’t played enough of/don’t know enough about it. When beckoned with the question “who are yo...
Why I Love: 'Kirby Super Star Ultra'
9 days ago
SPOILERS I still remember that day. 11-year-old me was sitting on my mother’s bed on a sunny afternoon, the glare of the sun interrupting the picture of the show I was watching (it might’ve been Flyin...
13 days ago
Well hello there, old friend. I’m guessing you have something to do with the angry fanbase. Jokes aside, I find it disheartening that a character of Sonic’s calibre has endured such a relentless onsla...
Why I Love: 'Team Fortress 2'
16 days ago
Truthfully, I feel a bit guilty when talking about video games so much. I feel this way because I don’t find myself playing them as often as I once did. There’s three reasons for this. The first is th...
Video Games are Art
20 days ago
SPOILERS: Eternally Us For me, art is among the least expendable concepts to have ever existed. Would life be worth living without the emotions that are supplemented by those mysterious paintings? The...