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Top 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Done
2 months ago
Kratos has done some god-awful stuff. Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Kratos Has Done! For this list, we’re looking at all of the selfish...
Top 10 Worst Open World Games
2 months ago
The prospect of open exploration and free roaming is certainly enticing—but some games make a mockery of the idea. Below are WatchMojo's picks for the "Top 10 Worst Open World Games." Here we’re takin...
Top 10 Ridiculous Video Game Boss Battles
2 months ago
How did these guys ever get to be the boss? In WatchMojo's list below, we’ll be counting down the "Top 10 Ridiculous Video Game Boss Battles." Please be advised: the following contains spoilers and ma...
Top 10 Worst Video Game Endings
2 months ago
You spent hours and hours building up to a grand finale, and that anticipation was rewarded with total crap. Welcome to WatchMojo's list of the "Top 10 Worst Video Game Endings." As you may have guess...
Top 10 Games Where You Are Unknowingly the Villain
2 months ago
Just because you go in with the best intentions doesn’t mean it’ll turn out the way you’d hoped. These are WatchMojo's picks for the "Top 10 Video Games Where You’re Unknowingly the Villain." For this...