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Just some stray thoughts about game design.

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In Defense of 'Pokémon' Genwunners
5 months ago
As described by Know Your Meme, "Genwunner is a pejorative term used within the Pokémon fandom to describe those who only appreciate the first-generation of video games for GameBoy, namely Red, Green,...
How to Make Puzzles with Purpose
7 months ago
Have you ever hated puzzles in a video game, not because you don't like puzzles, but because it gated off the segments of the game that were your reason for playing in the first place? This was someth...
How the Boktai Series Lost Its Identity
9 months ago
One of my favorite video games of all time is Boktai for the Game Boy Advance. Now make no mistake when I say "Boktai," I'm only referring to the original game in the series Boktai: The Sun is in Your...
How To Make a Community RPG
a year ago
My favorite RPGs are those that can be played with other players. This doesn't only include RPGs that have multiplayer modes, but also those that generate a lot of discussions. What makes "community R...
How to Make Leveling up Engaging
a year ago
Progression systems in video games are not something exclusive to RPGs but it is certainly one of the genre's defining features. While twitch game genres like fighting games, shoot 'em ups, and rhythm...
How to Make Turn-Based RPGs Engaging
a year ago
The appeal of turn-based RPGs for me has always been how they can prompt the player to come up with different strategies to achieve the most efficient use of their turn. However, this hardly describes...