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'Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning'

Horror Game

Some characters from the game

Art made by cookiecrumbs

Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is a horror game based off of a school. In this game, your teacher, Baldi, has you answer problems by collecting seven notebooks. Every notebook has three problems. The last problem is one that is unsolvable. You cannot answer this question right, therefore causing Baldi to chase you around the school smacking a ruler. The more problems you get wrong, the faster he gets. As well as him being a threat to you winning the game, there are other characters such as "Playtime" or "The Principal of the Thing." Playtime will go around the school, wanting to play with you. If she catches you, you will have to jump rope, forcing you to be stuck in place. The only way to escape this is to find the scissors and cut the rope. The Principal of the Thing goes around the school and once he catches you, sends you to detention. The more often he sends you to detention, the more time in there increases. This helps Baldi end your game. If you do get all seven notebooks, everything will turn a red shade and Baldi will yell at you to get out. You'd have to collect the lock and escape through the yellow door. There are other things you should know about like BSoda or an Energy Flavored Zesty bar. These items help you win the game a lot easier. Using BSoda will help you push Baldi away. When you use it, it will emit a purple blob that will shoot at Baldi and push him away. This definitely makes it a lot easier for you to collect notebooks. The Energy Flavored Zesty Bar refills your stamina and lets you go around without losing any energy. Baldi can also track you do if you ever do escape from him and he cant find you. He will go around the school looking for you, and if you open a door he can track you from that too. There are also items helpful in the game like WD-NoSquee. This items prevents Baldi from hearing a door open or close and can be used four times. This item is found in the janitors closet. There are plenty of items that are helpful to the game, but I am not going to talk about them. There are a couple of characters who have no description, such as Friend. This character is only mentioned in the How To Play. This character is unseen, and apparently needs the protagonist (you) to collect all seven notebooks. Another character with no description is Filename2. This character is said to be corrupted. He can be found in Baldi's office after you complete the secret ending or he can be heard in the normal end screen. Filename2 tells you to delete the game; by doing this he breaks the fourth wall. There is a poster in one of the halls saying, "No fourth wall breaking." There are also modes in the game, such as endless mode. This mode, as it says, goes on forever. In this mode there is a high score system that tells how many notebooks the player has collected. There are more characters, such as "Gotta Sweep," who is the janitor. This character is a giant realistic broom, which actually has better graphics than most other characters in the game. This character can be helpful or harmful as he can push you toward characters such as Playtime, Baldi, or Principal of the Thing, but he is helpful when he pushes you away from those characters. While doing these actions he repeatedly yells, "GOTTA SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!"  And that's all you need to know about Baldi's Basics in Education in Learning!!!

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'Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning'
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