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Becoming Lady Iriza

Some Tips to Become the Top

My last base on

You might ask, "Hey Iriza, how do you play?" My reply would be this: "Depends on the server." Overall, I'm as peaceful as a hive of honeybees, I don't go around looking for trouble, and for the most part I keep to myself. However, sometimes I am as easily angered as African Killer Bees, and you better be aware of messing with my base, my tribe, or my army. I hired these men to protect me, but I also protect them as well. Here are some of my personal gaming policies on how I play, and how I feel I became successful.

Starting off, I assess what is going on in the server. If it is an aggressive server or a server where they are trying to get rid of bullies (people that kill in order to anger you), I will join up a tribe. If not, I spend the first few minutes collecting coins and avoiding dangers in the world. Once I get between 2,000-5,000 coins I scout a place to build. The coins allow me to place down several archer towers and maybe a mage tower before even putting a house down, ensuring some protection.

Now that my base is starting out, I keep closer to the base to make sure I can protect it while also adding on as much as I can before someone spots me and my base. I keep my army ranking between 10th and 5th so as not to attract attention from other players. 

  • This has allowed me to build massive bases quickly and easily as I'm hard to spot and run away from my base. I once maxed out my building allowance before anyone even found me and it became a slaughter house for the tribe trying to kill me. This is because while they are attacking me, I'm stripping them of their houses so they have lost their ability to buy more units. 
  • As most players do the circle build as mentioned before, sometimes I can kill off half the houses and only be hit the initial entering of the base. This is also how I am able to take down a tribe of three with my own self. There are heavy losses on both sides but my secret favorite weapon/army build means I can go about demolishing their base faster then they can defeat mine.

If there is a time frame when a player starts trying to do my military or tribe wrong more then once, I will hunt them down till I have killed every last piece of property or military. Depending on my mood I'll kill the lord, and spare the men, and invite them to my army for protection. Gold mines are one I'm slightly more forgiving on, and i'll even allow a person to build on the remains of my old mine, just as long as it doesn't become a habit, then you die. Eventually I become so strong that people generally avoid me and I can hold top place for hours.  I've even played so long a server went from 15 people, to being kicked off the empty server, and peacefully at that.

My advice for anyone trying to get to the top and stay there:

  • Don't barge in and become aggressive, build up your base to hold at least 250 men. Protect it, and don't leave it too long. 
  • If you want to scout for money, look for buildings out of place from higher players as long as it is far away from their base.  You can also look for unprotected gold mines, but make sure you have the military to quickly destroy it, or the owner is going to snatch you. It's a good idea to destroy and run away from the scene so they don't know it is you doing it.
  • If you plan on farming money off the small bases of players like you, take out their towers first. Leave the houses; it is easier for a lord to see a house vanish then it is for a tower to vanish. Leave quickly and rebuild your army before going back to take down all the houses.  This makes sure that when the lord does come back, you have a means for escape.
  • Military missions should only happen when you have at least 300 units of good quality, and at least 2,000 coins so that if you encounter loses you can replace some of the casualties immediately. 
  • Max out each type of unit from cheapest to more expensive. My goals are to max out the cheap units first, which gives me a better viewing field, then work on either ranged units, or heavier soldier units. I rarely if ever get dragons. 

If you have not played or wish to play you can find it here or other .IO games here.

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Becoming Lady Iriza
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