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Best Gaming Monitors for the Ultimate Gamers

Every gamer deserves to own one of the best gaming monitors on the market.

Every gamer knows that their gaming experience can be drastically dependent on the type of monitor they have. A screen's viewing angle, input lag, refresh rate, overall size, and even frame thickness can impact a gamer mid-game.

But the question isn't why you should opt for a certain monitor for your gaming needs. Instead, it's about what monitor you should opt for if you are searching for a screen that can best meet your wants and needs.

Perhaps you even know a gamer who you'd like to buy a gift for. If that's the case, opting for a nice monitor is an ideal option.

MX279H 27-Inch, Full HD Frameless Monitor by Asus

Starting off simple on our list of best gaming monitors, this 27" full HD screen from Asus is wonderful for playing competitive games as it has a virtually-invisible border and an ergonomic-friendly design as the screen has the capability of tilting backwards.

This ASUS monitor is also equipped with incredible audio via stereo 3W speakers, SonicMaster technology, and an immersive gaming experience thanks to a 178° ultra wide viewing angle.

29" UltraWide Full HD Gaming Monitor by LG

The next item on our list was no doubt designed for gamers in specific. This 2017 LG 29" Ultra Wide monitor offers full HD at 2560 x 1080p and a Screen Split 2.0 that divides into fours to provide both quality and practicality in one gadget.

Also for gamers, it provides FreeSync technology, black stabilizer, and dual controller among other features. For about $50 cheaper, you can instead opt for this same brand and model in 27" if preferred. It's a nice option to have if a wider screen isn't on your priority list. It also pairs well with the best PC game controllers if you're not about that mouse life. 

GN35LD 35 Inch Computer Gaming Monitor by Viotek

This Viotek monitor model is meant for gaming and nothing more. I mean, check out its sweet design and incredible ergonomics!

To cut to the chase, this screen is whopping 35" long, has a 144hz refresh rate, and WQHD 2560 x 1080p. It's also equipped with 16.7 million colors to assist with the graphic quality while gaming. 

The curved screen alone is ideal for gamers, as it helps create a more natural way to visually submerge into a video game. The monitor even offers anti-glare, low blue light technology to ensure frequent gamers can deal with less eye problems and headaches. 

VX248H 24" Full HD Eye Care Gaming Monitor by Asus

Offered in 21.5", 23", or 24", this full HD Asus monitor has substantial features for gamers. Most notable is its special, flicker-free eye care technology that ensures less eye strain, pain, and fatigue when playing for long hours.

This monitor also has VividPixel technology to keep images sharp, colorful, bright, and well-contrasted so that it doesn't interfere with the quality of your game.

As an added bonus, this monitor is extremely light-weight, yet stays sturdy in place when sitting on a desk or table.

Predator XB271HU Monitor by Acer

The Acer Predator is the next best gaming monitor on our list. Its unique black and red exterior alone offers a nice gamer feel. Best of all, you can purchase it in different monitor sizes and pick between different resolutions from full HD (1920 x 1080p) to 4K UHD (3840 x 2160).

The Predator comes with flicker-less technology to assist with any eye problems associated with long-term screen usage. This monitor can also tilt, swivel, pivot, and move up and down based on your personal gaming experience.

24-inch Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor by Asus

While a little less obnoxious in design that some of the past gaming monitors we've witnessed so far, the Asus full HD screen is another definite item on our best gaming monitors list.

You can purchase this bad boy in 24" or 27". Best of all, it's on the more affordable side of gaming monitors, yet it still offers Asus eye care to reduce blue light and minimize flicker. It's also easy to adjust, offers nice color presets, FreeSync technology, and has favorable ergonomics. If you have a gaming laptop and want some more screen space, it's one of the best laptop accessories you can buy.

Full HD Gaming Monitor by MSI

With the MSI 32" Full HD LED Curved Gaming Monitor, we're back with a sweet black and red exterior. It's a little more expensive than some of the other monitors we've seen so far, but it offers a high refresh rate (varies depending on the monitor size you select) and intense colors.

The overall viewing angle is nice as it maintains its quality no matter how you look at it. It's also equipped with FreeSync technology. 

However, if there's anything for a gamer to complain about with this monitor, it's that it's not fully adjustable. Regardless, it's incredible for gaming.

NB27C 27 Inch Curved Computer Monitor by Viotek

If screen borders really bother you, the Viotek NB27C Curved Computer Monitor may be a nice option for you. It has full HD 1920 x 1080p, minimal motion blur, and lag-free gaming.

This Viotek screen also is treated with anti-glare technology to assist with eye health and offers a cinematic experience thanks to its curved screen. Yet, it still maintains bright, high-quality colors to amp up your gaming experience. 

This monitor even offers presets for gaming and movie modes to provide the viewing experience you wish to have.

Q2781PQ 27-Inch IPS Monitor by AOC

Many monitors on this list have unique stands, but if this one doesn't scream innovative and modern, I don't know what will.

This AOC 27" screen has Quad HD and a resolution of 2560 x 1440p with 16.7 million colors. The thin edge around the monitor will make gamers especially grateful. 

You can also tilt the screen to your liking as with many gaming monitors. The tilt is just right, according to customers. This gaming monitor is even Energy Star certified meaning that it has low-energy consumption.

Generally, this is a mid-priced gaming monitor with some average and some above-average features, but nevertheless, the design quality is there.

PD3200U 32" 4K Designer Monitor by BenQ

Coming to the BenQ Designer Monitor, let me warn you that this is not a cheap one. However, it has a lot of neat features that make this one of the best gaming monitors.

First things first, you can get this BenQ model in either 27" or 32". Making it gamer-friendly, it has a dual view function, dark room display mode, and eye care technology with low blue light and a flicker-free screen. It's wide viewing and substantial colors are also off the charts.

In general, there's a lot to consider when looking for the best gaming monitor. However, many on this list, price-wise, are monitors you can buy without breaking the bank. 

Now it's just up to you to decide what you favor most in a gaming monitor: the cheaper price point, the best viewing angle, ideal input lag, a high refresh rate, FreeSync technology, etc.

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Best Gaming Monitors for the Ultimate Gamers
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