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Best Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend

Don't be a generic gift-giver. Get your girl what she really wants by checking out some of the best gifts for your gamer girlfriend on the market.

Buying gifts for gamers is probably the most fun gift-giving experience. The world of video gaming is filled with fantasy worlds, adventurous characters, and engaging stories. It comes as no surprise, then, that gamer paraphernalia is so amusing and interactive. The best gifts for your gamer girlfriend can range from clothes, to household items, to accessories. Get ready to turn boring, commonplace objects into lovable relics. 

Mario Brothers Nintendo Light Switch by Gamerz Room

If your girl is a sucker for vintage Nintendo games, then this Mario Brothers light switch cover will certainly elicit a smile. Even if Mario isn't her favorite, you can easily find light switch covers of other games or controller types. 

Nobody really thinks about light switches, they're just kind of there. But you'll find that gifts for gamers are all about taking the mundane and making it enjoyable. 

Pac-Man Tank Dress by Toynk Toys

Buy your girlfriend a piece of sexy clothing that she'll want to show off. This dress and other dresses like it allow her to flaunt her gamer identity with style and pride. Give her a gift that will make her stand out in a crowd. She'll love rocking her favorite game as an outfit, one of the best gifts for your gamer girlfriend is the gift of self-confidence. 

Snorlax Bean Bag Chair by ThinkGeek

C'mon, who doesn't love Snorlax? This Pokémon is the epitome of what most people would love to spend their time doing—sleeping. Just look how happy it makes him! 

This life-sized Snorlax is a huge step up from your run-of-the-mill stuffed animal. When you're not around, your gamer girl can cuddle up with this guy and fall asleep in the arms of he who knows sleep best. 

Chain Chomp Lamp by ThinkGeek

There are certain items that your house or apartment needs, and lamps are one of those things. But who says just because something is necessary, it has to be boring? 

Help your girlfriend surround herself with objects that remind her of her favorite things. A regular white desk lamp can be replaced by this adorable Mario Brothers character. It'll put her in a better mood before she goes to sleep and when she wakes up in the morning. How's that for one of the best gifts for your gamer girlfriend?

Boo Mug

BOO! A favorite amongst all of the Mario characters, Boo is adorable and spooky at the same time. Drinking her morning coffee out of Boo will make her day that much better. 

It's also a great mug to take to work. If she can fill her desk with objects that make her happy, her day will be much less stressful and she will be more motivated to get her work done. 

Tetris Stackable Lamp by FOGDOG

Anything Tetris related is on the list of great gifts for gamers. This grandfather video game has provided us with decades of entertainment. Now, it can be entertaining in a new way.

These stackable lights recreate the experience of playing the Tetris video game while illuminating the room. Get creative and rearrange the blocks in different ways each week. It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

PlayStation VR Set by Sony

As far as technology goes, this PlayStation Virtual Reality Set is one of the best gifts for your gamer girlfriend to improve game play. Virtual reality has been long-awaited in many industries, including the video game industry, and is finally available for the average consumer. 

Give your girl the latest video gaming technology and introduce her to a whole new world. Besides, if you get it for her, you can use it, too!

Legend of Zelda Cartridge Juice Box by ThinkGeek

Talk about old school! This product combines her favorite video game she grew up on with her favorite method for drinking a liquid—a juice box! This vintage video game cartridge makes the perfect canteen for her to rehydrate herself with while she's playing the latest game. Every adult needs to hang on to at least part of their childhood.   

Street Fighter Chun-Li Hoodie by ThinkGeek

Your gamer girlfriend can wear this Street Fighter hoodie as an everyday item or for the next time she goes to a convention. Let her assume her favorite character's role IRL, even if it's just a regular Tuesday. 

We all love wearing clothes that makes us comfortable and clothes that let us rep our favorite things. For music lovers, band merch is always the way to go. For gamers, dressing like a beloved character is totally normal. 

PlayStation Controller Ear Plugs by Pierced Republic

This is one of the best gifts for your gamer girlfriend because it's just so adorable! If your gamer girl has ear gauges, get her some plugs to express her style and interests. 

These traditional PlayStation controller buttons are some of the most important symbols in the gaming community. They're nostalgic and contemporary at the same time; your girlfriend will get tons of compliments on these. 

Give any of these items as Christmas gifts or just hey-I-love-you gifts and you'll have a very happy girlfriend on your hands.

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Best Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend
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