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'Blood Suckers II': A Product Game Description...

'Blood Suckers II': Who’s hungry for some hectic hemoglobin gore, but all once more?

When it comes to creating another collaborative commencement of carnal, yet commonly-loved, clotted coagulations of cruor chaos and their surrounding cabin-of-despair type scenarios for a second game—boy, that’s a mouthful of C’s, but we rhyme with a purpose—it doesn’t get any better than NetEnt casino slots. This new online slot, in particular, packs only the best of both worlds and is available for instant play on both mobile and desktop devices. It features livelier vampiric characters and environments than its predecessor ever could, not to mention several added free spins, a new bonus game, Wild substitutions, all-new in-game unlockable treasures, random features and much more.

It’s a low-variance slot game, like its prequel, and holds an RTP score of 96.94%. The video slot of 25-fixed-line settings is a true sight to behold, and that’s a grave understatement. But furthermore, add to that the 5 reels and 3 rows also included in the display, and you’ve got an online casino game worth playing for hours!

So if you're trying to choose between for free slots for fun or a slot game machine that requires some type of deposit or investment, you’ll find the latter with this one. It’s CRAZY fun as well. At least, that’s been my experience; I have felt connected and in the game at all times, mainly due to the rich, balanced array of catchy, night-time appealing colors and on-screen button layout & hue options.

Now, let’s talk for a bit about the story of the game itself, a hot button topic you’ve likely been waiting to find out more on, slot lovers! Well, first of all, this game centers itself around one very special character, a female vampire by the name of Amilia. And yes, it’s "Amilia," not "Amelia." Interesting name, right? But there’s more…

Amilia is a young and bold one, not letting anything stand in her way. Upon her arrival at her ancestors’ castle, she quickly comes to learn that a team of ruthless vampire hunters—or vampire “slayers”, as some prefer to call them—was responsible for the massacre of many of her forefathers, in times past. It appears that her ancestors had left a Hidden Treasure there at the castle, which she makes every intent to weed out, employing no less than her wit, amazing skills with a crossbow, and a heart full of courage.

Interestingly again, and to only further whet your appetite as a new player, let me also tell you that this game is uniquely laid out to resemble a 3D design of choice, something bold and innovative that the in-game designers chose to go with this time around. And guess what else? There’s more good news…

To play one slot will only require $0.25, and players can even stake up to $250.00 per spin. In addition, one may even register “big wins” and come home claiming a whopping 10,000 coins. Fans will quickly find that this is an additional 2,500 coins from what the first Blood Suckers slot game offered in worth.

And to hit the jackpot here, one must remember the family crest symbol, which is key to everything here. Try to fill up the payline with nothing but these symbols, and you’ll be golden. The symbol that pays at second highest is that of the rose, adding 2,500 bankroll coins in a heartbeat.

So try the game out today. And remember: Those vampires will do anything they can to keep you from that treasure, so play at your best! But more importantly, have some fun…

Efrain Silva
Efrain Silva

Do you need someone phenomenal, who can write articles, blogs, product descriptions, ad-copy, manuals, scripts, or white papers that ATTRACT???

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'Blood Suckers II': A Product Game Description...
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