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Bring da Noiz on 'Dramatical Murders'

Who's the best of the best?

Who will win Aoba's heart?

Spoiler Warning: Plot and ending details follow.

First, let me point out, I’m not a gamer. I’m more of an observer who loves to read the story about the game. Moreover, I am a heterosexual woman who supports 100 percent the LGBQ community. Additionally, finally, I’m going to talk about why I think the character named “Noiz” is the best of the best. For those of you who don’t know, Noiz is one of the main characters both in the PC game and anime called Dramatical Murders. The game was released first in April of 2013 by Nitro+chiral with the title DRAMAtical Murder Re: Connect. Then, an anime series was made and ran in July through September of 2014 with 12 episodes and a bonus episode (it was the all bad endings, and they were scary especially Noiz’s bad ending) and finally, DRAMAtical Murder Re:Code it was released in October of 2014 by Nitroplus and a platform for PlayStation Vita.

Now about my boy Noiz, he is an information mole for Rhyme (a popular cyber game), a skilled hacker, and the leader/founder of his Rhyme group, Ruff Rabbit. I learned about Noiz from the Anime Dramatical Murders. I then watch the PC versions of the game on Youtube. All I can say is, “God damn, he is one hot guy!” and Aoba should be with him.

Noiz is (in my opinion) the strongest out of the other characters, Koujaku, Clear, and Mink. Let me start with the worst one then finish with the one that is second best to my boy, Noiz.

Mink. I never liked this character after I read and saw what he did to Aoba in the game and on the anime. I understand the background on this character was horrible and he has my sympathy. In the route of the game, Mink rapes Aoba, gives him drugs to assault him and keep him from running away, then punishes Aoba by punching and choking him when he fights back. I understand he had a purpose for doing that, but it wasn’t a good one. However, Aoba forgives him and wants to be with him, but the way he acted in the good ending of the game when Aoba goes looking for him was in my opinion not acceptable. Mink tells him, “Go home and never come back!” Aoba refuses and stays. Mink stays out late to avoid Aoba or doesn’t come home, and this makes Aoba worry and go out looking for him Aoba gets sick. Damn, Aoba is stupid. Mink is the worst!

Clear. Damn, he is annoying, and his bad ending scared the shit out of me. Yes, I understand he is a robot, and he has the learning capacity of a small child. He is an AI that can cook, clean, and you can have sex with him. However, he can break down as he did in the game (this happened when Aoba and Clear were having sex.) Luckily, Aoba’s grandmother knew someone who could repair him when she notices. Aoba was doing everything to fix him and Aoba begged her to help save him because he loved Clear. Clear was (from what I read) one of the early version to be a test subject and was supposed to be evil, and I hope he never turns evil and hurt Aoba. Clear is pretty much a walking vibrator.

Finally, Koujaku. I will admit he is quite handsome for a character, and he is of equal strength to my boy, Noiz. He is, however, a womanizer until he finally admits his love to Aoba in his route in the game. In the good ending, Koujaku gets his wish to cut Aoba’s hair, which led to them having sex in the bathtub. Aoba stays at Koujaku’s place for three weeks because he doesn’t know how to tell his grandmother he loves Koujaku. However, I am a little concerned about his demon form. When he was a child, the tattoos were forced on him. (These were no ordinary tattoos, the ink was part of a test subject.) It only appears after he gets enraged and he loses control, so he started attacking Aoba sexually with hand jobs and groping. However, he has a stable job, and he is a kind spirit. So, he is second to best.

I understand there is a fourth, and it is Ren he is an all mate, and he loved Aoba. The reason I didn’t add him was that I found his route strange and both, the good and bad ending a little disturbing, I felt like it was more like Pinocchio and inbreeding. Because Ren is an entity that was part of keeping Aoba in balance and his battle partner in the virtual reality world (he looks human and very handsome), he gets his wish and becomes human, but the body Ren takes over isn’t his, in fact, the body belonging to Sei, who was dying and was the twin brother of Aoba. Ren was in love with Aoba so before he became human and had sex in the virtual reality world with Aoba. However, when Ren became human both he and Aoba tried to stop the urges to have sex with each other, this was because it was Sei’s original body but the soul of Ren is now occupying it. They had sex after all. I found that inappropriate because Aoba was having sex with his twin brother.

Now, to talk about the prize: Noiz! Don’t be fooled by his age. He’s only 19-years-old, but he has street smarts and is one high tech sexy looking gay guy who’s very open about his sexuality. When Noiz walked into the store where Aoba worked, after sharing a quick kiss, then Noiz offering Aoba a chance to join his group Ruff Rabbit but declines. Noiz stood out more, because he was the only one to be born in another country. He was born in Germany, and his real name is Wilhelm. But he feels more attached to the name Noiz because he had a rough childhood and had a rare health condition, was born with a disability called “Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis” (CIPA). In another world, he couldn’t feel or understand pain, but he didn’t let that stop him from wanting to survive. He ran away from home at a young age. Aoba was able to help him feel pain and pleasure with the power of Scrap. 

Out of all the characters, he is the only one he disappears for three months, but returns because he wants Aoba in his life. Noiz is more proper than the other characters because in the good ending when Noiz comes to Aoba’s house. He tells Grandma Tau that he loves Aoba and wants her blessing and permission to take Aoba with him back to his home in Germany. And right there Aoba tells his Grandma that he is gay and loves Noiz. With the other characters, good ending Aoba doesn’t come out to his Grandma about his affairs. Also, most importantly Noiz would be able to protect Aoba from the two psycho twins trip and virus. (Yes, I know they are not twins). Since Noiz comes from a wealthy family, you better believe the family has bodyguards, so Aoba would have two bodyguards and one of them would be his lover, Noiz.

So there you have it. If you agree with me cool, if not, I’m sorry, but like I said, it’s my opinion.

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Bring da Noiz on 'Dramatical Murders'
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