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Bungie Hits It Out of the Park with 'Season of the Drifter'

Who needs sleep when you have Gambit Prime?

Recently, Bungie’s hit game Destiny 2 released their new season of content titled Season of the Drifter. This DLC is packed with activities ranging from their hit PVE/PVP activity “Gambit” to their annual pass exotic quest for the Destiny hand cannon “Thorn.”

Season of the Drifter went live on all consoles and PC March 5, 2019, focusing on the Drifter, a mysterious “Rogue Lightbearer” who we first saw when Forsaken was launched back in September 2018. Many questions have been asked as to who this man is, what his plan is, and why he’s here; speculation has ignited as to if he’s a bad guy or a good guy. (I think the jury is still out on that).

Destiny 2 also introduced their “Allegiance” questline where your guardian is forced to choose between being loyal to the Drifter or the Vanguard, with your choice affecting how the questline, and from what I read, future questlines affect how NPCs will react to your guardian and the choice they made. My Hunter went with the Drifter, and in doing so, I couldn’t see the other side of the story which is understandable. My Titan, however, is a loyal Vanguardian and she’s not all about Drifter and his schemes.

Season of the Drifter also introduced “Gambit Prime” a new form of the Gambit game mode available to annual pass owners. This is an amped up version of the Gambit we know and love, but it’s much more intense and has mechanics just like a boss you would find in any Destiny 2 raid. Your fireteam needs to be on their toes, killing the Envoys that spawn in order to bring down the Primeval’s shields to do damage; the first fireteam to defeat the boss wins the match, which lasts one whole round but it’s intense with a lot of action all around. I’ve found myself screaming at my TV when I’m killed by an enemy invader that I can’t hit to save my life; you know what I’m talking about, that ONE GUY who no matter what you try to do, either targets you or you can’t kill to save your life, or a mixture of a little bit of both. It’s both frustrating but adrenaline rushing at the same time.

The Drifter also has weekly and daily Gambit Prime bounties that you can complete to get “Synths.” Synths are little tokens you can use to build up your Gambit Prime armor set. There are four different roles and armor sets to choose from Collector (white), Reaper (green), Sentry (tellow), and Invader (red). Collector is self-explanatory, pick up motes, deposit them in the bank. Reaper is basically kill mobs, that’s it. Sentry guards the bank, and keeps the bank clear from blockers, which if the blockers are not taken down quickly, can drain your bank of motes; a neat little quirk to this new game mode. Invader is as you can guess, invades the enemy team through the portal, and just makes their life hell, preventing them or at least trying to fill their bank and summoning their Primeval.

After you’ve had your fun in Gambit Prime, make sure you head over to the Reckoning, another new game mode for Annual Pass owners. This fun and exciting mode is all PVE based. After you get your synthesizer given to you by Drifter, you can create motes from those synths I was talking about and that’s how you can get your shiny new gambit gear. However, you need to kill the final boss to be awarded said piece of gear and there’s also a timer between killing mobs and killing the final boss.

I’ve had so much fun with this new piece of DLC content. Sleep was lost because of it.

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Bungie Hits It Out of the Park with 'Season of the Drifter'
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