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Bungie Just Dropped Destiny 2 And It's A New Beginning For Every Gamer

Fans around the world are getting excited for the potential that 'Destiny 2' has to succeed where the original game fell short.

Nearly three years ago Destiny was launched and the world was astounded by the potential of the game. As Bungie's hope for the future as they attempted to introduce their first IP since #Halo, Destiny was a game that sadly was a bit divisive among the community of gamers. Yet with all the issues that some gamers had with the original Destiny, it seems that Bungie has channeled the Commander's sentiment in the launch trailer:

We fight. We die. And we live again.

Watch the cinematic trailer below:

With #Destiny2 on the horizon with a scheduled release date of September 18th, fans around the world are getting excited for the potential that Destiny 2 has to succeed where the original game fell short for some. Yet however you feel about the franchise, Destiny 2 sure looks to set the record straight and deliver the game that we need.

Destiny 2 is a rebirth, at least that's what Luke Smith the games director says. When the team was developing Destiny 2, they wanted to focus on three things:

  • 1. A world that pulls you in,
  • 2. Fill it with amazing things to do and
  • 3. That there is always someone to play with.

These three concepts are what brought Bungie to the realization that Destiny 2 was their chance at creating a game that reached both factions of gamers: solo and cooperative.

Destiny 2 is all about a new beginning.


No matter how you felt the first Destiny game met or didn't meet your gaming needs, it seems that Bungie took a lot of time listening to fans and built Destiny 2 around the idea that they needed a new beginning. So as you'd expect, Destiny is incorporating several of the modes and aspects that made Destiny a success in the gaming community.

  • There will be a visually stunning campaign mode that sends you across the universe to 4 new worlds: EZD, IO, Nessus and Titan.
  • There will be massive strike missions.
  • There will be a revamped Crucible system with new maps, new modes and 4v4 on all modes.

Yet Destiny 2 wouldn't be an improvement without some new features. A few key improvements on the first game is the expansion in exploration by adding more patrols, treasure maps, heroic level public events, lost sectors to discover and new adventures based on your in-game encounters.

It's an exciting time to be a Destiny fan, because of the potential moving forward with all the obvious enhancements and the revamping of the features that made Destiny as re-playable as it already was.

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Bungie Just Dropped Destiny 2 And It's A New Beginning For Every Gamer
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