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'Call of Duty' is Returning to its Roots, but Where is the Franchise Going?

How far into its "roots" can the franchise go before it isn't a 'Call of Duty' title anymore?

[Courtesy: Activision/Sledgehammer]

When #CallofDutyInfiniteWarfare was first revealed, the reveal trailer quickly became the #1 most disliked video on YouTube. Sitting just at over 3.5 million dislikes, Infinite Warfare sits as one of the top disliked videos even today, and it's because Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare didn't resonate well with its fans. However, what about it didn't resonate with fans? Well, the answer is quite simple - it's just not Call of Duty. It's a game that uses a formula that existed across two previous entries and even those struggled with the fan base due to the fast-paced combat.

The biggest question of the day isn't why it didn't connect with fans, but where will #CallofDuty go now? How far into its "roots" can the franchise go before it isn't a Call of Duty title anymore? Is it going to go back to its roots of old wars much like #Battlefield or will they be going back to the #ModernWarfare style gameplay? Lets take a peek at what wars Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare should have aspired from.

[Courtesy: History Channel]

'Call of Duty: Vietnam'

Known for being one of the highest death tolled wars for the United States, Call of Duty: Vietnam would have been a great event for fans to partake in. Let alone is the Vietnam war rich in history with great snipers such as Carlos Hathcock who held the record as a sniper.

Let alone was it home to such historical events, it's also a place where vents such as Hill 33 took place, one where a sniper harassed American forces, and put Carlos Hathcock's fame into the limelight among military men and women. However, what about battles such as Ấp Bắc, Pleiku, or Ia Drang? All of these would offer great scenes of combat for fans to experience, but it would also allow Call of Duty to aspire back to its realistic approach of war.

[Courtesy: U.S. Defense Imagery]

'Call of Duty: Korea'

If there's one war that's ever garnished a lackluster amount of attention - it's the Korean War. It's one of the wars that tallied a rather high death-toll and the massive brutality behind it. With North Korea being at the helm of it, players could easily take on a soldier that served underneath famed leader Douglas MacArthur. However, this would also allow for players not to just take on the role of American forces, but also the Korean citizens who opted to fight back.

Players could also take on the role of South Korean opposition who were lead by Syngman Rhee in their war against communist North Korea. While the war was rather short, it saw quite a few theaters from June 25th, 1950 to July 27th, 1953. The game could take on famous battles such as Chosin Reservoir, the Battle of Ichon, they could even take on the Home-by-Christmas offensive, and undergo the Battle of the Ch'ongch'on River.

[Courtesy: U.S. Defense Imagery]

'Call of Duty: The Gulf War'

Set between August of 1990 and January of 1991, Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm were a build up of coalition forces in defense of Saudi Arabia, which was under invasion by Iraq and their annexation and invasion Kuwait. While the war only lasted a ear under former President H.W. Bush, American forces were deployed into Saudi Arabia, and were soon aided by Saudi Arabia, The United Kingdom, and Egypt.

With this war being one of the first ones broadcasted live over the news by CNN, gamers could take on the role of troops, newscasters, and even resistance fighters helping expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait, while also leading Coalition Forces through the Iraqi territory. The war worsened as Iraq began using gasses and Scud missiles against coalition forces and Israeli forces.

[Courtesy: Activision]

What other theaters of war are there?

While there are plenty of unexplored events, previous entries have left plenty of room for more Call of Duty such as Modern Warfare 4, Ghosts 2, and even a follow up to World at War. Unfortunately, it seems none of these may be visited, and could leave us craving for more as it seems Call of Duty may be returning to World War 2.

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'Call of Duty' is Returning to its Roots, but Where is the Franchise Going?
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