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Can 'PUBG' Be Successful on Xbox One?

Will it get a full release any time soon?


In the Autumn of 2017, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground was released for Xbox One. When I say "released," I use the term loosely, as it has only been released in Preview so it is not the full completed version of the game. It has already had a few patches applied to fix lag and graphical issues and it will, no doubt, have plenty more before it gets its full release status.

I purchased the game myself just after Christmas for £20. Now, is that too much to pay for a game that is not a full release? I have only played it once, and that experience wasn’t all that great, but it wasn’t down to the game as such—more my inexperience.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, you start in a plane flying over the map and you have to jump out and parachute down to the ground, find weapons, armour, etc., and kill everyone else, all the while trying to stay in the play area and avoid the "blue storm." In my first game, I landed on the island at the bottom of the map, this was more luck than judgement as I did not have a clue what I was really doing, so I landed and went into nearby buildings to find loot. Having watched others play the game on Twitch and YouTube, I thought it would be easier than it was going to be.

Heading into the building, I found a pistol, crossbow, a police vest and some bandages. I didn’t come across any other players, so I checked the map to see where the play area was going to shrink to. I had miles to travel and no transport and I only had three minutes to do so! I jumped into the sea and started swimming for land in the direction of the play area. After a few minutes—well, more than a few—I reached land and started looking for other players. I eventually heard the noise of an approaching car and readied myself for my first taste of combat in the game. I fired a couple of bolts from my crossbow towards the person in the vehicle but missed, so I switched to the pistol as they came back towards me, missed again, and got run over and killed.

Having watched people play the game on YouTube and Twitch, I probably thought it would be easier than it was. You really have two choices in this game: one is to land, grab whatever you can, and be aggressive in your approach and hunt down other players; the second option is to land, find your loot, and camp in an area and wait for the number of players to start dwindling. Then when you need to move to the play area, carefully head out and move to the next area and find another area to camp in, then rinse and repeat until you are forced into combat. Obviously, you will need sufficient weapons, ammo, armour, etc., to be able to survive any combat you will surely encounter.

Anyway, that was my first experience of PUBG on the Xbox and as I said, it wasn’t all that great. As I get more experience of playing the game, I’m sure I will improve and last longer, but back to my original question: Will it be a success on console? In my opinion, I think it will. By the time it hits full release status, all the niggles will be dealt with and it will be on par with the PC version, as long as I can survive long enough in the game to enjoy it!