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Could the PlayStation VR Follow the Same Fate as the PlayStation Vita? How Sony Could Save Them Both

Sadly, the PlayStation VR is seeing similar issues as the PlayStation Vita.

Outside of Japan, the PlayStation Vita has been a device that has balanced between life as well as death numerous times. With a steady stream of games in Japan, the rest of the world has seen very little in the means of big titles, and fans gawking at the relayed information about those titles. While Japan has been certainly enjoying games such as SaGa: Scarlet Grace, Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter: Frontier G. It seems North America - among the rest of the world - have been left in the dark from these smash-hit titles.

Some of it has said to be due to localization issues, others say it's because the audience just isn't there, but what if it's because the PlayStation Vita has just recently died? Not just died, but been given up on by Sony due to dwindling user numbers? That could very well be the case and the proof just seems to be in the number of users logging in daily to use their PlayStation Vita's. While the world has certainly had a chance to enjoy Koei Tecmo's oni hunting franchise by the name of Toukiden. We've barely been seeing the massive hits that Japan has for the PlayStation Vita. Sadly the PlayStation VR is seeing similar issues as the PlayStation Vita.

It's Time to Pump Out the Serious VR and Vita Games

Courtesy: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment

When it comes to games, Sony isn't shy of third party and first party developers. They have strong partnerships with many of the companies out there. There's surely a few handshakes that have gone around between the localization teams at ATLUS, XSEED Games, Idea Factory, Koei Tecmo, and many others that have been helping keep the Vita alive. However, what is happening now is devastating, and before long the ripples will be felt by all the fans who invested in either device.

Just like the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation VR is seeing itself suffering for some major hitters. Sure it has VR support for games like #ResidentEvilVII, #EveValkyrie, and #AceCombat7, the headset itself has struggled to keep a dedicated fanbase. It's one that many have begun to see as a gimmick due to the lack of support it has gotten outside of indie developers. It's a device that has seen less love than say Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive even though it's considered a major contendor in the VR ring. It's time for Sony to pull out the big guns and really push the PlayStation VR into the limelight.

With franchises such as #Killzone, #Eve, and #CallofDuty getting mainstream focus on the PlayStation 4. Fans can expect something to happen with VR for these franchises, but for now it's time for Sony to roll up their big persons sleeves and put on the gloves. If they don't? The PlayStation VR could follow the same fate as the PlayStation Vita.

Don't Fret. The PlayStation Vita and PlayStation VR Situations Aren't Doom and Gloom.

Courtesy: PlayStation Universe | Andrew House Announcing PS Vita is a Legacy Device

While it certainly sounds like both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation VR situations could certainly be doomed and gloomy, that's not the case, and third party companies know it. Thanks to companies such as the ones mentioned earlier, the PlayStation VR has a healthy library, and one that could quite easily be brought over via ordering from companies that import foreign games. With games such as Phantasy Star Nova, Gundam Breaker 2, and even the hopes for a Soul Sacrifice 2. It's safe to say if fans make enough noise, the companies will listen, and if they listen to them for games? There will be games to be had.

The same goes for the PlayStation VR. It's time for fans to make some noise, to let companies know what they want, and what we need. Luckily, Bethesda Zenimax is one of the top Triple A publishers to acknowledge that VR is definitely here to. We can only expect them to announce that both DOOM VR, and Fallout 4 could easily be on their way to the PlayStation VR. The only downside? It may require you to have a PlayStation 4 Pro to keep from blowing chunks or blacking out from VR sickness.

So What Can We Expect This Year?

Courtesy: Highwire Games

While it's hard to forecast what both sides of Sony fans can expect. It's easy enough to say that the PlayStation Experience will give us all the news we need. Whether you're a PlayStation Vita guy or gal or even if you are a PlayStation VR guy or gal, we know both sides need love, and badly. So just remember, speak up, don't be quiet. Let the company know you're still here and you're here to stay.

Or, y'know, just wait for the PlayStation Experience later this year - assuming it happens.

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Could the PlayStation VR Follow the Same Fate as the PlayStation Vita? How Sony Could Save Them Both
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