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'Day R Survival': Review

Time has come to survive the wastes...

I recently was looking through the Play Store on my phone out of boredom and this one caught my eye. I kept an eye on it for a while and it's done a lot of updates and added new stuff to the game. This is Day R Survival or as some titles make it, Day R Survival Apocalypse. Lone Survivor Games changed its name to Day R Survival. Day R Survival is a mobile phone game only available for Google Play/Android; the publishers are tltGames.

The game I know, for the most part, does have a story, for single player and online (somehow) and the story is you wake up and the world around you is destroyed, ruined, and radiated. You get the basic tutorial on how to play the game and how to make, build, and craft items with the materials you find (sounds like Last Day On Earth...but different). Once you go through the tutorial and somewhat the quests/missions, you finally have a goal to go and find your family, your wife and daughter, the reason you need to find them is because of a dream you had of your daughter saying

"Daddy help us, help us, Daddy"

You wake up and need to travel to the other side of the world for some unknown reason and find your family there. You can get vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles to travel faster but you need the tools and other spare parts to fix it and of course fuel.

The Map

The map, as you can see, is very very huge, you have a lot to explore and a lot to check, there are over 2,500 towns and cities for you to explore and a lot to kill you in seconds unless prepared. You start off in a Russian town, I'm not sure where you are country wise but there are many Russian towns for you to explore, just beware of the bandits or the online players trying to kill you for your equipment or food and stuff.

I've played the game for a while and I have to admit, I enjoy it very much but I do find the radiation issue quite annoying, don't make it go away just don't make it easy to get radiation sickness within 5 minutes of being there with a gas mask on. The water and food situation I like very much, you have the normal canned food, the left over bread, dirty water that you have to clean, toxic water that you can turn into dirty water, then clean water. It has a Fallout 3 and Metro 2033 vibe with the Russian language and the Fallout apocalyptic scene, it's pretty well made for a mobile game and still gets updated but I feel there can be some changes in the game that could be a little better, the exhaustion level is kind of dumb, you can easily die from it if you don't find any food or water or get radiated from towns you visit, I feel like that could be a quick fix. The enemies, from what I know so far, are pretty decent, even though it's sad you feel weaker than a rat, you will fight tougher enemies later on but I feel like it is difficult considering you can't fight a rat without bleeding out or taking damage.

The game also has NPC's to talk to or trade with, again it has a Fallout vibe where caps are the currency that you can also get from glass bottled drinks or dead bandits if they have any (which they probably do). The online side is kind of great too, in order for you to talk, interact, team up, or fight them, you need to survive in game 14 days or more in order for you to see other players. It's dumb but it's a short way of not getting killed right away or robbed like right away, plus it helps new players get the tutorials out of the way. That's my short review, overall the game is great and well made, it's worth a shot to try if you like MMO apocalyptic and sort of Metro 2033 style, this is the game for you my friends.

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'Day R Survival': Review
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