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Delta T Global Beta

An introduction to the latest augmented reality game.


Brought to us by Empower Labs, Delta T is the latest augmented reality game to be under known development. Its story starts far into the future, where four mega corporations wage an endless and relentless war that threatens to bring around the extinction of mankind. In desperation, these Megacorps begin to manipulate time in the hopes of erasing the histories of their opposition for all eternity. Each of these mega corporations has its own brand of patent technology, a unique vision for the future of our world and will risk it all to "save" their own versions of humanity.

To get started, the basic mechanic of the game is to plant and capture energy cores for your Megacorp. These cores will give you the energy you need to further attack and capture cores on top of applying defensive mods to them, levelling them up, adding more mods, and harvesting more energy to use. Once you reach level 5, you will be able to join a clan and plant bases that need to be linked to cores to gain power. Bases can be levelled up, have mods applied to them, and can link to other bases to create clusters. These clusters are used for clan battles and count towards that cycle's dominance score for each mega corporation. Bases can also be attacked directly just like cores, the only difference being that bases get destroyed. Cores, by contrast, turn neutral to be captured, the only exception being if an anti-core has been used to remove them from the map.

Of course, to attack cores and bases, you need weapons to fight with. In Delta T, there are two types to pick from: point to point (direct) or area of effect (splash). Each form of weapon has a range of levels from 1 to 5. the higher the level, the higher the damage. One way to get these weapons is to use the mining system that involves triangulating nearby items and going off to find them. These can be weapons, mods, resources, and/or blueprints. Resources and blueprints are used for crafting weapons and mods to use in battle or trade. Each blueprint can only be used once and use up some of the three different kinds of resources available to you. The other way to gather weapons is to use the generators to make them. At the beginning, you can only make the level one versions of these weapons, but when you complete the tasks necessary for each one, you shall unlock the higher levels to generate more. Weapon generation costs you energy though, and the higher the level of the weapon, the more energy you have to pay and the longer they take to generate.

As I mentioned before, there is an in-game item trading system that currently allows global trading of items for "time credits" which are the main in-game currency and are used along with energy to level up cores and bases. Eventually, the trading system may take on a more global market listing approach or will close off to localised trading only. But that is yet to be confirmed and is just talk amongst the swiftly growing community.

On top of having Time Credits as the main currency, Delta T has a premium currency called Time Marks. These Time Marks are used to purchase extra Time Credits or packs of mods, energy modules and core/base seeds. Time Marks can be bought with real money which is used, in turn, toward further development of this community driven game.

If you would like to sign-up to the beta, check out this link:


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Delta T Global Beta
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