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Epic Games Proves Cross-Platform Competitive Gaming is Completely Viable With 'Paragon'

Epic Games has taken a stand with Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to bridge the gap between PC and console gaming.

Courtesy of Epic Games 

There's always been something in the air about which platform is better for gaming. The debate has always been whether it's PC due to their capabilities with precise aiming using both mouse as well as keyboard, or if it's the controller due to the reliability that gamers find with their thumbsticks. Some may even say it's because of platform performance on why PC gamers and console gamers should remain separated. What if, however, one developer and or publisher decided to join the few that have already built a metaphorical bridge for that canyon and have allowed gamers to show off against one another?

Among the few games such as Street Fighter V, Gears of War 4, and Rocket League - Epic Games has taken a stand with Sony Interactive Entertainment in order to build that metaphorical bridge that was mentioned. Their game just so happens to be the #PlayStation 4 and PC focused multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA for short) Paragon. The game, just like others, focuses on team work, team builds, and a sense of urgency for teams to properly execute a victory, but that's not what we are discussing is it? Lets take a look at why it's time for other games to follow suit upon what four games have now done to prove that the cross-platform merge should happen.

Cross-Platform play will allow for easier match-making.

Courtesy of Epic Games

Ever had that night where you are sitting in your favorite chair, sipping your favorite drink, and munching on your favorite snack while waiting for your queue to pop? We've all been there. It's boring, it's painful, and when you're wanting a few matches in before bed, it's downright irritating. With cross-platform gameplay, fans would find this issue cut down, they would find their matches coming together more quickly, and swift at that. This is something that has happened quite well with Gears of War 4, Paragon, and Street Fighter V.

The game itself receives consistent updates even with it having been out for a while. #Paragon also receives constant blog updates via the website, which lets fans know exactly what has occurred, and what they can expect in upcoming change logs. Many players have found the gameplay to not only be fun, but quite refreshing in change thanks to the cross-platform play, which has allowed even myself to enjoy a game or two with my PC gaming friends. While it may be a bit before games such as Smite, Call of Duty or even Battlefield to join, it would provide more incentive for fans to stay around longer, and even more incentive for purchases of the DLC as fans will be playing more to keep up with their friends.

Cross-Platform play would allow for competitive game pricing.

While Paragon is an extremely competitive game and already has a ranking website that goes by, it is one that has shown just what PC cross-platform play has to offer. It manages to remain doing so quite well with almost weekly updates, and a push to enhance the game with every chance given. With constant bug fixes, constant balances, and even refinement, Paragon shows an attention to detail that other games could offer in the same way.

Popular titles such as Warframe, #Overwatch, and even Diablo 3 could change this if the developers put their minds to it. While it would require some hefty code changes and even the addition of new content. Games could make the easy jump to merging multiple platforms, which would allow games like Diablo 3 to take on seasons, character migration, and even cut down on modded items, but to do so would require heavy patching, new framework, and a lot of patience from both the community and the development team.

We'll remain separated for now.

Courtesy of Epic Games

As painful as it sounds, we'll remain separated for now, which is a bit of a depressing matter considering many games have the potential for great cross-platform components. Many of them would provide a lot of entertainment whether it's for MOBA's, shooters, or any other type of game, for now we'll remain separated from one another.

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Epic Games Proves Cross-Platform Competitive Gaming is Completely Viable With 'Paragon'
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