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'Fallout 76:' Beginning of an End?

Todd Howard announced that 'Fallout 76' was an online only game. Is this going to be a huge flop?

E3 2018 is an exciting time to see all the new games coming out, but for me, it was waiting and anticipating Bethesda Studios E3 conference. I waited for many many hours and finally, at 9:30 PM est, I got what I was waiting for.

Well, I had to wait even longer to get what I waited for. I sat through many games that I will probably eventually buy, but at a later date than when they first come out.

Then, finally! Steve Hines announces Todd Howard and he comes out to the stage. They have a funny skit with Keegan Michael Keys (Who I loved and laughed a little too hard at). Anyways, as Todd was announcing Fallout 76, I was hoping the rumors of it being online multiplayer were fake and we were going to get an only single player Fallout.

Mr. Howard announced that Fallout 76 was "online only." My heart broke a little. I don't want my favorite game series to be a toxic online game like Rust or Ark. I don't want to end up hating the Fallout universe because of this one game. It looks amazing in every shape and form, minus the multiplayer function of it.

There will be dozens of people in a server when you play, so hopefully that means the odds of coming across another player that is toxic will be rare. I'm hoping they have some kind of system that doesn't reward the toxic player from gaining anything when they just go around and kill everyone they see and won't even try to play nice.

They announced a nuclear missile option to the game as well. You have to clear out enemies and then find the nuclear code to access the missile, but when you find the codes, you can send a nuke to anywhere on the map and just decimate anyone or anything in its way. I don't really like that part of the game at all. Just think you spend hours and hours in the game building up your base with your friends and a jealous, toxic player comes along and destroys everything with a nuke? That would make me rage quit in a heartbeat and never come back to the game.

There are a lot of gamers out there that are like me and don't like this concept at all. I don't see why Bethesda wants to try to lose many fans of this beloved game, but this is the way it will happen. It will make many loyal players abandon the Fallout series.

The only plus sides I see to this are that you can actually play with your friends in a Fallout game, but at the chance that you will find some toxic players who just play these types of games to grief and bully you. I'm looking at you Rust! I hope Bethesda has some protocols in mind to help stop that kind of toxic playing, but we will see when I get my hands on this game.

Fallout 76 standard edition is 59.99 usd, 60 bucks for an online only game is ridiculous! I don't think this type of game deserves to be that much, even if it is a Fallout title. Deluxe is $70usd, and Power Armor edition is a whopping $200usd. Now the Power Armor edition is pretty cool and I would consider buying it if it weren't sold out on PC. You get a wearable T-51b Power Armor helmet, with working headlamp and voice changer. You get a duffle bag to carry the helmet in. 24 fallout figurines, a steelbook, and a glow in the dark map of the Fallout 76 area. You also will get some in-game bonuses for the Power Armor and Deluxe editions.

Every pre-order gets you access the the B.E.T.A. which will be announced at a later date. So when I get my beta access, I will be making another post and maybe even some videos on this game. This is going to be a love/hate type of game in my mind. I just hope they don't ruin this game. Thanks for reading and game on!

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'Fallout 76:' Beginning of an End?
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