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First Time with VRChat

The Amazing Journey!

I grew up around video games. Being born in the mid 90s, I got a chance to play a lot of crappy and amazing games. The one thing I knew I wanted, even before it was created, was a game that I could actually be in. Recently, I discovered VRChat while scrolling through YouTube trying to find videos of games to watch.

After watching around 20+ videos on VRChat, I wanted—no, NEEDED—to play this game. However, I have probably the worst internet known to man-kind. So in order for me to play, I had to stay up until two AM.

I downloaded the game, made an account, and impatiently waited for two AM. Finally, it was time to play a game that I had waited pretty much my entire life for. Although I don't have a fancy VR headset, I was happy to find out that I could still play!

I started the game up as soon as I knew I could play without lag, a lot of ping, etc. I was finally in the game. My first thought was to find a nice new avatar so I could start exploring what VRChat had to offer. I can't tell you how many worlds I went through to find a cute avatar, but I think it was around 10+. 

Finally, I found a cute avatar and it was time to start looking around! I was scrolling through the worlds and I saw that there was a Krusty Krab, and my inner child HAD to go there. I messaged a friend and made them log into the world with me to meet me there and when they did, I grabbed a few Krabby Patties and put them on a table so we could sit and pretend to eat them.

Not even five minutes into putting the food on a table, a ton of people started to pop up and everyone was running around like a chicken with their head chopped off! People were running, jumping, and just destroying everything that was neatly set. 

There was a guy that, I believe his avatar was Bam's dad—he walked up to me, we started to talk and had a few laughs. In the midst of talking with Mr. Bam's Dad, (even though I'm pretty sure he was like 15 years old) a Stormtrooper came up to me and kept calling me beautiful and lady.

After, the Stormtrooper stopped talking but kept staring, I figured I'd make a playful jab and reminded him that Stormtroopers don't hit their targets. He seemed to take it fine and we all talked for a bit. While I was talking to both the Stormtrooper and Bam's Dad, I had a ton of people start to run up to me and hand me Krabby Patties. I had no idea what to do with all this attention, so I politely took each one from people and placed them on a table and laughed.

My friend ran over looking like a trash can duck, telling me I needed to go to the bus. So, as curious as I was, I ran as fast as I could to the bus. Everyone was so kind, they told me to sit on the seat within the bus, and I ended up in bottom on the ocean where Spongebob gets lost. You guys have to know the episode, the one where the guy behind the counter is like "I can't *PTTTH* understand *PTTTH* your *PTTH* accent."

It even had that audio in the actual world, too! I was laughing so hard! I explored it a little bit but then everyone went to do their own things, and my friend logged off for the night. So what was I to do by myself in a virtual world where I knew absolutely nothing?

EXPLORE! That is exactly what I did! I found myself at this cabin surrounded by darkness. Inside the cabin, it had a stage, sitting areas, and a bunch of rooms. As I was exploring the cabin, I found myself in I'm assuming one of the creator's "personal" rooms. I saw a jukebox over in the corner, but I didn't enjoy the music so I walked over and turned it off.

As I turned the music off, I turned around to go talk to people that I could hear downstairs. Just as I was about to leave the room, InuYasha popped up next to me! Being an InuYasha fan, I was in my glory! InuYasha was my childhood crush. I blurted it out to them, and they were very nice. Unfortunately since I didn't have a VR headset, I couldn't take his offer of petting him. I was heartbroken. 

I spent some time with him and a guy dressed up as a Darth Kermit. It was hilarious! He started talking with InuYasha, and InuYasha started to interview him, where it went to a dark place, which, in turn, InuYasha had to stop interviewing him. 

After a bit, InuYasha and Darth Kermit had to go, so I was left with wandering around by myself again. I can't remember exactly where I was, but I encountered one (singular) Uganda Knuckles (I watched a few videos on YouTube so I knew what I was in for). 

The Uganda Knuckles stared me down. I had to laugh and tell him not to spit on me and that I'm not his Queen, but I wanted to be friends. I was then asked if "I knew de way." I sadly told him I did not know the way and he left. 

After a bit more exploring, I found myself at Doki Doki High School. I never heard of it. I assumed it was just another anime that I hadn't seen. So I popped up there, saw they had a few avatars to choose from, so I chose one that I thought was cute/evil. Turns out I chose Natsuki. A kind guy told me exactly who I was dressed as, pretty much the entire plot of the game, and what happened to my "character." *SPOILERS* she apparently kills herself.

While I was there, they had these basketballs lying around everywhere, so I was throwing them and picking them back up. After a few times of doing this, someone walked up to me and stole the ball I had in my hand. I yelled at them telling them "no, that was my ball." Everyone heard me because apparently I was too loud. People started to give me their basketballs! 

At this point, I looked down at the ground and saw a tiny avatar! She was super, super cute! I kept telling her she was cute and we ended up becoming friends and following each other around (I hope they somehow find this article, because I'd love to get in contact with them again!).

The cute girl seemed to not have a mic, but was answering my yes or no questions with nodding and shaking her head. I found out, she was a real girl, not a trap, that she did have a mic but it wasn't working within the game or broken. We hung out, for I wanted to say a few hours.

Towards the end of the session, the cute girl had the idea of going to a presentation room where you can actually draw within the game. She invited me there and I saw her starting to draw, but I ended up lagging a bit and eventually disconnecting. 

After I disconnected, I realized it was eight AM, which is when my internet turns to absolute garbage! That's why I disconnected so I couldn't relog to tell the cute girl I wouldn't be able to be on now.

It was an amazing experience. I got to meet my childhood crush, I got to look like someone from a horror video game, I had Krabby Patties in my face, and I got to meet some pretty nice people! 

To end this, I did add everyone I spoke to in the game to my friends list on there, but for some reason, my friends list no longer contains their usernames. The only name I remember is UltimatePanda, which was the cute girl.

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First Time with VRChat
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