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Five Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Under $20

Spend less and play more with these five titles.

I'm just going to come out and say what everyone is thinking; 2017 is the year of Nintendo. 

While the Nintendo Switch has done a fantastic job delivering on its promise of a hybrid system, the games--which were few and far between on the Wii U--have followed. 

From a 105% attachment rate with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to new intellectual properties like ARMS and the sublime Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo is back in a big way. 

That being said, what does one do when they've already beaten these splendid AAA titles? 

One sets his sights on the Nintendo eShop and the constantly growing 'Nindies' lineup.

Here are five must-play Nintendo Switch games under $20. 

Wulverblade - $19.99

Inspired by true events, Wulverblade is a side-scrolling brawler developed by Fully Illustrated and Darkwind Media.

Boasting a slick art-style coupled with visceral gameplay, Wulverblade is a challenging modern take on the beat-em-up genre. 

With the addition of local two-player co-op, this is one of two games on this list that exemplifies the Switch's variety of multiplayer possibilities.

Overcooked Special Edition - $19.99

Originally released on Steam by Team17 Digital, Overcooked was highly praised for its co-op cooking action. 

With up to four players working together to prevent a culinary apocalypse, the Nintendo Switch version is the best iteration of the game.

Once again, the sheer simplicity of plopping your Switch down and detaching the joycons makes this a must-buy for anyone looking to play with friends.

There's also that thing called couch co-op, 'member that?

Just one last thing. This game tends to bring out the absolute worst in some people; make sure to play nice!

Steamworld Dig 2 - $19.99

There are tons of Steamworld Dig 2 elevator pitches. We prefer describing it as part platformer and part mining game with a Metroidvanian style. 

Steamworld Dig 2 pits you as a steambot uncovering the reasons her town is being hit by a series of mysterious earthquakes.

Get your body ready for addictive exploration and a beautiful aesthetic  whether docked or handheld.

This is hands down one of the best single-player experiences on Nintendo Switch.

Golf Story - $14.99

Developed by independent Australian studio Sidebar Games, Golf Story seemed to come out of nowhere last month. 

While the game raised a few eyebrows after being featured on Nintendo Direct; the fun gameplay and story have helped this title garner rave-reviews. 

This is much more than a mere sports game and should be played whether you're a fan of hitting the links or not.

Let's just say there are terrible efforts out there for three times the price, give it a shot! 

Stardew Valley - $14.99

Most of you probably saw this coming. Those of you who have no idea what this game is, I must preface this with a warning.

You will buy this game, it will take three minutes to download and install. 

Minutes will turn to hours and you'll suddenly find yourself staring at the sunrise as a result of being effectively engulfed by Stardew Valley. 

Tired of running the rat race at a corporation your character inherits his grandfather's old rundown farm. It's up to you to return it to its former glory.

In my humble opinion, it can only be explained as a simulator of many things. Part farming, mining and dating simulator with solid RPG questing elements to be precise. 

For fifteen bucks, you are easily looking at over fifty hours of gameplay, which is exponentially better than some AAA efforts.

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Five Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games Under $20
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