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Five Nintendo Franchises That Deserve a Switch Release

It's time for these series to make a return.

In a little over six months, Nintendo has already rolled out a few of their heavy-hitting franchises on the Switch.

From Zelda to Mario Kart and the recently released Odyssey, Nintendo seems to have figured out a well-balanced release schedule when it comes to first party content.

While incoming titles like Kirby, Yoshi and Metroid are all the hype, there are still a few series that absolutely need a Switch iteration.

Here are the five Nintendo franchises that deserve a Switch release:

Titles like Snipperclips — and, to a lesser extent, 1-2 Switch — serve as perfect party games. 

Have a few cocktails, push away the coffee table, and have a blast. As much as the Switch features deep single player experiences, the communal couch co-op is still highly valued by Nintendo.

That's where WarioWare comes in, assuming Nintendo takes a break from Mario Party after the slew of releases on Nintendo 3DS and the underwhelming effort on Wii U.

Plus, Wario's wacky ecosystem genuinely deserves a quality effort on Nintendo's new console.

Continuing with games that got their start on GameBoy Advance, the well-heralded Golden Sun.

It's clear to say Nintendo's been making the right decisions as of late. Fans of the Japanese giants have regained their faith since last March.

A Golden Sun game isn't a bold move, but it isn't fan-service either. 

Perhaps they're waiting for sales numbers from upcoming RPGs like Xenoverse, Shin Megami Tensei V, and Octopath Traveler.

With producer Hiroyuki Takahashi being optimistic about a fourth title in the series, I'd say it's about time to get a petition going.

Call it Mother, call it EarthBound. Call it whatever you want but just make a new version of this already.

What Golden Sun did for RPGs on the GBA EarthBound did for the Super Nintendo. While it originally took time for it to catch on, Mother 2 is now widely regarded as one of the best RPGs of all-time. 

Especially considering a large portion of Nintendo's adult audience grew up with the SNES — an RPG machine in its own right.

EarthBound wouldn't necessarily sell like hot cakes, but catering to fans is never a bad thing. 

After releasing three stupendous games in the mid-90s, we waited fourteen years for Donkey Kong Country Returns on Nintendo Wii.

Retro Studios followed that up with Tropical Freeze on Wii U four years later. 

There might be more deserving franchises out there, like F-Zero, for example, but DKC makes the list primarily because we'd want a completely new release on Switch, not a deluxe version featuring a fresh coat of paint and a few more unlockable characters. 

We need a new Donkey Kong Country with an interesting take on the franchise — perhaps even breaking the mold and breaking out of the 2D landscape.

Support: this is the one vital thing we'd associate with a Switch edition of Super Smash Bros.

As opposed to Donkey Kong, I actually wouldn't mind a shiny re-release of the 2014 version if it meant balance patches. I'd even be cool with the inevitable season pass.

Compared to the Wii U, the user base is simply much more present on Switch and will likely continue to grow well after the holidays.

Even professional athletes are clamoring for Smash on Switch and Nintendo should strongly consider this for Summer 2018. 

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Five Nintendo Franchises That Deserve a Switch Release
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